Re-building of the back porch

Well, as it turned out; the back porch would not be as easy as it seemed. If you have been following the remodel of the house, then you know what a difficult journey it has been and you know the specific non-cursing cursing of the previous ownership that has been installed in our lexicon.  Many of you know that the hailstorm of 2006 not only caused quite a bit of damage to my arms, but to the house as well.  The back porch in particular was hit hard, with golfball-sized hail ripping through the fiberglass roof, the leaks were dripping.  Not only that, but the previous owners, when building the roof, didn't properly seal the screws and the wood had rotted.  We realized that replacement of the joists was imperative.  So off to Home Depot we went... for a third time...  (1st time: original supplies.  2nd time: realizing that the polycarb was too short and going back for 2 more sheets to overlap the shortage.)

Ok, so now we had the PT 2X4s, more brackets, some random PT lumber I thought might be needed... and was...  and it was "back to work"

Had to remove door to tear the frame off


There's me, John, looking like I'm-a-doin' somethin'

The joists, re-installed

Again... the joists

a bit of rain


Another angle

Yet another angle

and another...

the extra wood we tore off

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