Subra, Kelly & Astrid's Dogs

(Kangaroo Island, Australia)


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This beautiful watercolour painting was created by Kelly and depicts "Rasta" - Kelly & Subra's first dog, with a baby possum on his back.  The possum belonged to a friend of theirs - by the nickname of "Hippy".

The painting is entitled:

"Almost Friends"



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kellysdogs.jpg (16162 bytes)This is Spook & Banshee.  Banshee came to live with Kelly & Subra as a pal for their free-spirited companion Rasta (above), who quickly vacated to their dismay! Some seven years later he is still missed by Kelly & Subra.. and he never got to meet their two year old daughter Astrid. However, on a visit to see an acquaintance in Erica (rural Victoria, Australia), Kelly caught sight of "spook", the only male in a litter of 5 pups.  Kelly pleaded with Subra and was allowed to take him home zipped up in her jacket on the back of their motorcycle! Banshee looks like your typical Aussie Blue Heeler, which are bred as cattle dogs. She is actually one-quarter Alsatian. You can tell this by the way her tail droops when she's not wagging it. Spook's mother was a Jack Russell Terrier, his father a wandering Blue Heeler whom we suspect had a few Australian Kelpie genes. They're great playmates for little Astrid!

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