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~     Tilly-Mae Fisher    ~

This is Tali's dog "Tilly-Mae".   She's a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel crossed with a Maltese Terrier. Some of her favourite things to do are: Play with her squeaker toys, sneak into Tali's bed whenever she gets the chance, chase cats, roll in anything that smells bad, chew on toilet roll cardboard until it's reduced to tiny and squishy particles that are hard to get out of the carpet, play fetch & learn new tricks.


She has been learning to be a better puppy since we moved to the United States. When we lived on Kangaroo Island, Tilly had some very naughty habits - like begging for food at the dinner table; stealing shoes (sometimes right off your feet), socks, undies and toys; running out the door and refusing to come back in & chewing up sticks on the carpet.


Now she understands "find your bed", "roll over", "where's your toys?", "make it squeak", "have a drink", "bring it to me" (when she wants to) & she also knows that when we blow a raspberry at her, it means "go away!".   When John makes a shooting gesture at her and a gun noise, she drops to the ground, rolls over and plays dead.  She's a smart little cookie!!


She's a very loving pet and craves lots of cuddles and attention. I think she misses being able to run on the beach, but has adapted to 'apartment living' quite well.


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