Vader is an African Leopard Tortoise. He had a mild respiratory infection when he came to us for adoption which made him breathe heavily in and out, making a sound like Darth Vader - hence, the name stuck.

He's a herbivore - only eats vegetables and fruits and lives mostly indoors at our house.

He spends time in his tank under his heat & UVB lamps and walks around the house for exercise.  Vader also likes to soak in our bathtub.




Yoda (smaller and greener than Vader) is a Texas Gopher Tortoise. 

He, like Vader, really enjoys vegetables and fruit. 

His favorites are dark leafy greens (kale, spinach & romaine) & he LOVES grapes.

Yoda lives outside in our back yard.  He's more of a guest than a pet and has spent the winter hibernating in a hole he dug for himself in the chicken coup. The chicken coup is open all day, every day.. Yoda just chooses to stay and hang out with us. Spanky & the chickens were not pleased with their uninvited inhabitant.

 As it warms up, Yoda is going to dig his way back out and eat like he's never seen food before!  There wasn't very much green grass or plants in our yard for Yoda to eat before he went into hibernation (so he was happy for the greens & grapes) but things are growing nicely again now that we've had some rain.  There should be plenty for him to forage around in.

Over the summer time, he likes to spend time in this little wooden box to escape the hot Texas sun.


Gopher Tortoises are protected and cannot be kept as pets.  Those of us who are lucky enough to have one come along can enjoy them, un-caged, for as long as they decide to stick around.